This is Shirasade's domain collective, home to my domain network.
I've been playing with websites since 2001, mostly but not exclusively in various fandom spaces. If you want to know about the fannish me rather than visit my non-fannish personal domain, you might want to check out my page on the Fanlore wiki.

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Domain info

Name: shirasade.net
Opened: October 17, 2003
Personal site: Multi-faceted Abnormal
Layout: v. 7 "typography". Using Google Fonts and CSS.
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Link here: http://shirasade.net
Old layouts: v.2 "Flower Fairy" (C.M. Barker)
v.3 "clean and simple"
v.4 "Polaroid"
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v.5 "no frills"
v.6 "Monet's Waterlilies"
Nostalgia: A nostalgic look at the domains I cut loose. Because they're all in my heart still.

just in dreams
just-in-dreams.com. Opened January 22, 2002. My very first domain, where I created my first fanfiction archive. I just wasn't really doing anything with it anymore, so I gave it to the lovely Groovekittie.
chocolate dream
chocolatedream.net. Opened May 21, 2003. The second domain I bought. Home of my blog and travel log. The first website I officially shared with the world, including my parents. :) I do regret letting it go.
crickhollow.net. Opened December 5, 2003. Making my love for The Lord of the Rings public with this cozy hobbit hole. I'm still very fond of the John Howe layout I created for it.

Raspberry Kisses
raspberry-kisses.net. Opened March 6, 2004. I never quite knew what to do with this domain, so I used it as a collective although shirasade.net was already sort of serving that purpose. But I had thought about a raspberry-themed domain for a long time, because raspberries always bring back warm childhood memories of summers in my grandmother's house. It was taken over by Jessica.
The Bookshelf
thebookshelf.org. Opened August 17, 2004. I just really wanted something book-themed, and I had this idea for a big book rec website. That never took off, but I still like the idea of a website like a giant bookshelf... It was taken over by Thuri.
Pen and Paper
pen-and-paper.net. Opened October 26, 2004. This domain was born when I moved to DreamHost and was offered a free domain. I still think it's a beautiful name, and it was a pity that all I could think of doing with it was make it the home of my fanfiction archive... It was taken over by Siobhan.
In Foreign Parts
inforeignparts.net. Opened October 5, 2007. My travel domain, because I wanted an easy-to-spell blog url for my year in New Zealand. Having to decided to streamline my web presence, however, I moved its content to my personal domain.
Pr0nandChocolate.net. Opened July 2010. My fanfiction domain, replacing the Reading Room. Another 'victim' of me streamlining my web presence.