Author's Note: Another request: a Jubilee drabble for thehush. The hardest one so far, because Jubilee is pretty non-existant in the movies and I have no clue about comic canon. Hope it turned out okay anyway... Set in movieverse. No spoilers.

Jubilee didn't get what was so great about Wolverine. Sure, he had some cool mutations and a terrible past -- but that was true for a lot of people at Xavier's, Jubilee included.

Therefore on the day of Logan's return Jubilee crept out of the house to smoke in peace. She jumped when suddenly a familiar gruff voice asked: "You got a light, kiddo?"

She silently handed it over, and watched Logan lighting himself a cigar, returning the lighter with a grin, and then leaving without another word. Jubilee stared after him in surprise.

Maybe Logan wasn't so bad after all.