Drabbles for Howie month

Note: I've decided to take a break from reccing, and instead wrote two (unrelated) drabbles of exactly 100 words. Enjoy!


Waking up early one morning, Howie slowly regained enough consciousness to add up several things: the warm presence against his back, the arms around his middle and the hot breath on his neck. Howie liked the logical conclusion he came to and settled back into the embrace, ready to go back to sleep.

But his bedpartner seemed to have other ideas, if Howie interpreted the tongue in his ear and the erection pressing into his ass correctly. He rotated his hips calculatedly and was rewarded with a growl.

The experiment was obviously a success. Howie grinned, turning to kiss Kevin.


There was only one explanation: Howie was a girl.

What else would explain the fact that he had behaved ridiculously for the last two weeks? He was the life of the party one moment, a moody hermit the next, then there was the giggling, and the time spent in front of mirrors... He didn't think he was losing his mind, so it had to be the girl thing. But Howie had no idea whatsoever what had caused it.

Right then AJ entered the room, and Howie caught himself holding a hand over his heart to stop it from fluttering.