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Desert Planet (Billy/Dom AU) | Heat Wave (Wolverine/Rogue) | Change (Merry/Pippin/Diamon/Estella)

mjjgoddess wanted eyeliner and leather cuffs Monaboyd, but I'm sure she didn't mean something like this... Blame my recently rediscovered AU love. 🙂

Desert planet

The sun was beating down on Dom, and he was glad for the eyeliner which helped against the glare. He knew as well as anyone that it was impossible to survive without water, but escaping the slavers had left him no choice.

Billy found him at the very last moment.

"Shhhh - you're safe," a soft voice murmured, and small but strong hands lifted his head and let him drink a few percious drops. The same hands then proceeded to close leathercuffs with the intricate design of Billy's clan around his wrists.

"Nobody is going to harm you. You're mine now."


This world has been in my mind for a while, ever since I saw a documentary on the Sahara - I don't have the time to really develop it right now, but this is better than nothing.
Edit: This has become the foundation of my 'Through the Desert' series.

For cilly. Wolverine/Rogue. "Lips". Because it's damn hot here right now.

Heat Wave

Seeing Marie eat a cone of icecream proved to be Logan's downfall.

As he looked at her devouring the cold treat, licking and nibbling, her face wearing an expression of pure bliss, he felt his self-control beginning to slip. As he looked at her closing her eyes and, with a happy sigh, licking her lips to get every last taste, he pounced.

The best line his heat- and lust-addled brain could come up with was "Upstairs. Now!", but luckily Marie didn't seem to mind.

On the contrary - her lips wore a satisfied smile as she let herself be dragged upstairs.

For danachan. Merry/Pippin/Diamond/Estella.


At first it had been all very simple - MerryandPippin, inseparable. Through childhood and growing up, through good times as well as some very bad ones, it had always been the two of them.

Then things changed. And although there were still days when it was just MerryandPippin, Estella and Diamond were there now, too. The two of them had become four, connected so tightly that sometimes it was hard to tell where one love ended and the other began, causing them to trip and stumble occasionally.

Yet, lying in a tangle of limbs, none of them missed the old days.


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