Seven Days – Sunday

Note: And it was done! Sunday will hopefully please you and not sicken you to death with its fluffy sweetness. There's sex there, too, but it's mostly shmoop of the tooth-breaking kind.

Thanks for reading and enjoying this with me - this is my longest Lotrips fic so far (I'm such a 1/1 girl), and I'm really grateful for your support in my endeavour to write silly/sweet/smutty fic totally lacking in depth, aka Teh Happeh... *g*

It had been hard, but Dom had managed to keep his hands off Billy (more or less -- who counted a quick make-out session in the make-up trailer?) all through Sunday.

They had been late on Saturday and had been forced to listen to one of Peter's little talks about commitment and punctuality, which had been directed mostly at Dom (totally unfair -- it had been Billy after all, who had fallen asleep and not woken Dom up in time). Peter seemed to believe that it had to be Dom's fault, as if Billy would never even think of doing anything irresponsible like being late if it wasn't for Dom.

And Billy, the smug (irresistibly cute) bastard had just stood there and put on his best innocent face. Well, Dom had gotten his revenge later that day, by filling Billy's shoes with foam, causing a certain small Scotsman to go ballistic on his ass (which was a lot of fun when it involved scarves and being on his knees in front of Billy). But at night Billy had sadistically refused to fuck Dom (exhausted my ass, Dom thought), so Sunday Dom had tried very hard to be good.

Luckily Billy seemed to acknowledge Dom's efforts, because he didn't seem to mind that he had grown a new body extension in shape of one very affectionate Dom (hey, they were hobbits after all - and hobbits cuddle, everyone knew that!), so Dom spent the day happily snuggling (Billy made a good pillow during afternoon naps, but Dom had already known that before), hugging and dragging Billy along at his hand (or his Pippin scarf, which was just too tempting).

Despite this, Dom was very happy when they were finally done for the day. With growing excitement (darn those tight jeans!) he heard Billy tell Elijah that they couldn't come to the pub, because they wanted to watch a football game. Elijah never watched football matches, not the real kind at least (and not even imaginary matches like this one), so this guaranteed them privacy, because Orli had a new girlfriend (boyfriend? whatever -- someone to keep him away from Billy's house tonight) and Beanie was back in England right now.

Dom was very much okay with this, and he showed his appreciation to Billy by kissing him senseless just as soon as they had closed the door behind them. Having a smart boyfriend was great! (Boyfriend?)

"Boyfriend?" Huh, Dom had not meant to say this out loud, but there it was, out in the open instead of out of sight in Dom's heart.

"What?" Billy looked at Dom with slightly dazed eyes, trying to jerk his mind around from kissing to talking. This was an opportunity for Dom to change the topic, to stop this conversation from happening. Only, Billy was really smart, because before Dom could think of a convincing lie, he put one and one together and obviously got Dom. "Boyfriend? You wanted to know if I was your boyfriend, Dom?"

Dom figured that the warm smile on Billy's face was a good sign, but Billy was a sweet man (well, sweet and kinky and occasionally sadistic), so Dom's "yes" still sounded pretty questioning, even to his own ears.

But Billy's smile simply got wider, and although all he said in return was "good", there was such a force behind that word, that Dom couldn't suppress a silly grin splitting his face from ear to ear (boyfriend! Billy was his boyfriend! yay!).

Then they were kissing again, and before long Billy's hands were freeing Dom and himself from his clothes while he led them to his bedroom, leaving a messy trail of shirts and shoes and jeans through his usually immaculate living room (which was the reason why they were at Billy's instead of Dom's in the first place). Dom himself was busy trying not to bump into any furniture and to kiss and touch every inch of Billy's skin he could get to while walking backwards.

When they finally reached the bedroom and tumbled onto the bed, Billy was leaning over Dom, and Dom thought with a clenching heart that he had never looked better (more beautiful, sexy, irresistible -- and all Dom's). His face was flushed, his eyes shining brightly with happiness and... love (had he ever looked at Dom like this before? had Dom been just too stupid to notice?), his hair was sticking out in all directions due to Dom's fingers, and his body was beautifully naked, light brown hair on white skin, strong muscles playing as he held himself above Dom in order to kiss, lick and nibble to his heart's content, driving Dom crazy in the process.

Not that Dom was complaining. He was trembling with need and want already, moving his hips (oh, the glory of friction!) and arching up whenever Billy hit a sensitive spot. He only had one complaint: "More! Need more! More of you, Billy! Need all of you..."

He seemed to be doing something right, at least, because Billy's groaned and claimed his lips in a kiss so deep Dom thought he might pass out, but Billy released him in time, using the time that Dom lay there gasping to reach for the lube. (Yes, he had a smart boyfriend, a wonderful boyfriend with lube and -- holy fuck, with fingers!) Who needed to be coherent in his head anyway when Billy was busy probing, preparing, generally fucking Dom out of his mind? Groans and curses and one-word-demands ("More! Harder! Now") sufficed completely.

Then there was a pause, and Dom opened his eyes, ready to complain loudly, but Billy was over him, propping up his legs and smiling down at him with such warmth, such happiness (lovelovelove) that instead he found himself whispering: "Love you, Billeh-mine..."

If Dom had thought that Billy was beautiful before, he would have to invent a new word to describe the wide smile that lit up Billy's face at his words. He was grinning so hard, Dom could have counted the fillings in his teeth if he had had a mind for it. But naturally he hadn't, because his whole mind was occupied with the sound of Billy's "Love you, too, Dom Dom Dommie..." Billy singsonged it, stretching the syllables, causing Dom to giggle despite himself.

But the giggling stopped abruptly as Billy's eyes turned a crazily green color and he slid into Dom without warning (deep, so fricking deep).

It was obvious right away to Dom that this was where Billy was supposed to be, buried inside Dom, face scrunched up in concentration as he waited patiently for Dom to start moving. Had Dom died and gone to heaven (could you have sex with Billy in heaven? because if not, Dom was not going!)? This felt right, so right that Dom wondered why they hadn't done this before.

Then he stopped wondering and thinking altogether, because moving with Billy, against Billy, felt even better if that was possible. Their rhythm was slow, but satisfyingly so, like the sea lapping against the beach, covering and retreating, covering and retreating, eternally. It reminded Dom of something else, too, felt so familiar ("Pip, my Pip!") and yet so exciting that he had to dig his hands in Billy's hips, concentrating on his grip to keep from coming too soon.

It was Billy's voice that urged him on ("do it, Dommie, come for me!"), telling him it was okay, and to the sound of Billy's crooning (Scottish really was made for sex!) he came, feeling Billy follow right after, shaking with relief and intense pleasurejoylove. It was perfect. Even Billy collapsing on top of him, knocking the breath out of him was perfect.

"Heh, you're heavy, you lazy git!" Dom's whining was not very impressive, though, because he nuzzled Billy's sweaty neck at the same time. Billy just smelled too nice not to -- like sweat and make-up and sex. And Billy. The Billy bit was Dom's favorite.

Billy smiled at him, rolling to the side and resting his head on Dom's chest in his usual sleeping position (they already had a sleeping position? wow!).

"M'sorry..." Billy murmured, voice already heavy with sleep, and leaned up to kiss Dom sweetly, before drifting off, his breath ghosting over Dom's bare chest and his cooling semen (they'd have to clean up later -- but not right now, not for anything in the world).

Snuggling closer to Billy, tangling their legs and wrapping his arms around him (when Billy woke up he'd certainly grin and call Dom the "human pretzel") until he could hardly tell where one of them ended and the other one started, Dom breathed in the sweet Billy smell and relaxed, mind already half-asleep. It already felt strange to imagine that just a week ago, Dom had never gone to sleep like this, had never known Billy's kisses, had never touched his body (how tragic!), had not loved and been loved like this (love -- the word still a cause of profound wonder for Dom).

One week. Seven days, that had changed everything. Dom sincerely hoped it was forever.

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