Seven Days – Thursday

Thursday had been dreaded by Billy, for no other reason than that he'd be seeing Dom again for the first time after... Well, after.

Not that Dom's reaction to Billy's surprise attack had been discouraging (in fact, Billy still got shivers all over when he remembered it -- which he did frequently), but this was Dom, after all, who was known to often act first and think later. And he had had a whole day of thinking and adding things up in that pretty head of his -- so what if he had ended up regretting what had happened?
He had kind of hoped that Dom would call him, or drop by unexpectedly, to talk or maybe even repeat what had happened on Tuesday (oh, wouldn't that be nice!). But shooting had been long finished, Billy had showered and eaten, the news had been over -- and no sign of Dom. So finally Billy had crept into his bed, wrapped his arms around his spare pillow and tried to imagine that it was Dom.

He had woken up already worrying about what would happen when he saw Dom again, and had been ready to leave much too early. Which is why he was sitting in his car, parked in front of Dom's place, and waited for Dom to appear, feeling his stomach tie itself into painful knots. He almost felt like before an important audition, or like the time he had seen Elijah and Dom exchange secretive glances and had known that sooner or later one of their elaborate schemes was bound to explode all over him (or trip him, or cause him to lose his pants -- whatever those two almost-teenagers considered a good practical joke).

Billy had just stopped himself from chewing on his fingernails and started drumming impatiently against the steering wheel instead, when he saw Dom step out of the door and come towards the car. Peering through the darkness, he tried to make out the expression on Dom's face -- unsuccessfully because Dom was wrapped in a scarf (actually, it appeared to be one of Billy's that he'd missed for quite a while), so there was no help but to wait until Dom got in the car. Which he did with an unreadable look on his face.

Billy got the feeling that he was in trouble. He could barely stand to meet Dom's stormy grey eyes and fixed his gaze on his scarf instead (he had to admit that Dom looked better in it than he did, so he might let him keep it).

"Billy, I've done some thinking..."

Uh, oh -- Billy did not like the sound of this at all. Would Dom maybe not go on if Billy faked a heart attack, or epilepsy?

"Would you look at me? Because I really want to talk to you about Tuesday night."

Dom had obviously turned into a girl, so probably not even a heart attack would make him stop before he had had his "talk", so Billy resigned himself to his fate and raised his eyes to meet Dom's. There was a strange gleam in them, and Billy tried to figure out what it meant -- did Dom want to kill him, or...

Or kiss him.

Which he was doing right now, all lips and tongue and teeth, elbow hitting the horn and knee poking into Billy's side. Billy was so surprised it took him a while to catch on, but when he did, he responded in kind, wrapping his hands around Dom's head and pulling him closer, until he was lying almost on top of Billy on the driver's seat.

Billy's senses were full with Dom, practically on sensory overload, taking in everything at one -- his tastesmellsound, heavy (hard) body, and the way he rested a lot of his weight on his arms, trying hard not to crush Billy completely. A heart attack from sheer bliss seemed a distinct possibility to Billy, so he pulled away a bit (not an easy thing when Dom was all but fighting to keep him close), but kept his arms wrapped securely around Dom, who was looking at him with a mix of triumph and awe.

"Ahh, you are much better than my pillow!" Billy had not meant to say this out loud, but he was rewarded with an adorably confused look from Dom, so he didn't mind making a fool out of himself too much. "Now, tell me what you wanted to talk about, you mean heartless bastard -- you really had me worried there!"

Dom grinned at him, no trace of bad conscience evident. "Well, I was going to call you last night, but I figured I had to pay you back for Tuesday. There I was, massaging you in total innocence, while you were having all kinds of kinky thoughts in that dirty mind of yours..."

That one was simply too good to pass up, so Billy slid one hand down Dom's body and slipped a couple of fingers inside the back of his pants, causing him to gasp and swallow hard. "And knowing you you're just waiting for me to show you what exactly I was thinking of, aren't you, Dommie-lad..."

"Dead right", Dom groaned as Billy's fingers traced his butt crack and buried his face in Billy's neck, starting to rock slowly against Billy's thigh.

Billy was very tempted to give in and stay in the car forever (or at least until after a couple of very satisfying orgasms), but he knew Peter would have their hide for being late once again. Sometimes it sucked to be a responsible adult, but with a sigh he pushed Dom away and straightened in his seat.

"I'm afraid this'll have to wait. But if you're a good boy, you'll get a nice reward..."

Turning the key in the ignition Billy met Dom's heated gaze, and decided that Thursday might not be so bad after all.

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