Seven Days – Tuesday

Note: Started this little series as a birthday present for blythely, but also as happy Monaboyd for domhobbitzes and rynalwyn.

Tuesday found Billy slightly hung over, a fact that he blamed completely on Dom, who had after all been the one to drag him to the pub in the evening. Had it been up to Billy, he'd have been more than happy to spend an evening in front of the telly watching a taped football game of Celtic. He found that kind of behavior much more fitting after a 14-hour-day.

But no, instead he had found himself sitting in a smoky room full of Kiwis, a local band trying hard to be heard. Dom had made it his job to make sure that Billy always had a full glass in front of him and had kept up a running commentary of the people around them, secure in the knowledge that no one would be able to understand what he was saying over the noise. And, much to his surprise, Billy had enjoyed himself thoroughly.

The music had been pretty good, the people friendly, and it had been simply nice to spend some not work-related time with his best mate. They seemed to be together almost 24/7 these days, but most of the time surrounded by others. Sometimes Elijah's endless chatter about the most insane things, Orli's wild theories and stories about cast and crew, and Sean's quiet and steady influence made Billy forget how much he loved spending time just with Dom.

Hopping up and down in his big Feet to keep from freezing to the spot, Billy looked over to where Dom was standing talking animatedly to one of the gaffers. Yep, last night had been worth feeling lousy this morning. But he sure as hell was not going to tell Dom this -- ordering him around to fetch him water ("Is your fault that I feel like crap, after all!") was way too much fun.

Billy suspected he should feel bad about using Dom's tendency to feel guilty about the smallest things, but seeing as it got him all kinds of nice things, from a waterboy to the patented Dom!hugs to the best foot rubs in New Zealand... Just thinking of Dom's strong hands kneading Billy's tired feet made Billy feel more relaxed and sent some very nice tingles over his body.
Before he met Dom, he had never thought of his feet as sensitive. Now, when he could coerce Dom into massaging them (or when Dom offered it freely, mostly after a couple of beers after a long day of shooting), Billy found his thoughts wander into all kinds of interesting directions...

Staggering under a sudden weight on his back, Billy noticed that he had gained a Dom sized backpack. Dom had obviously become bored and decided to come over and bother Billy, jumping on his back and making loud horse noises, his Feet prodding Billy's sides.

"Oi, Dom -- gentle! Take pity on my poor head, will ya?" Billy exclaimed and proceeded to lower Dom to the ground -- carefully so as to not damage his costume.

Dom looked up at him from below his Merry curls, grinning contritely. "Sorry, Bills..."

Billy couldn't help but smile back, the picture in front of him too appealing to resist. He helped Dom up, noticing again how strong and big his hands were as they gripped his own firmly.

"Well, my friend -- how about you make it up to me tonight by giving me a footrub?"

One of these days Billy would have to do something about those ideas of his...

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