Seven Days – Wednesday

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Wednesday was a pretty weird day for Dom.

That had several reasons, but most of all he didn't see Billy all day, because they had to shoot separate scenes in different sets. It felt surprisingly strange to be on his own (not that he ever really was, not with so many people involved, but still), making Dom uncomfortably aware of the fact that they'd soon be shooting at different ends of the country and not just of the city.
How would he live through a day of gruelling action shoots without Billy to share it with and to make him smile when he was tired, dirty and simply sick of it all? Dom found that he didn't really want to know.

So Dom walked around all day feeling more than a little sorry for himself and going through one of those "lonely-in-the-middle-of-a-crowd" experiences (which probably fit in pretty well with the way Merry felt, come to think of it, so maybe it had all been an evil plot from Peter). On top of that came that he was had actually set out this morning with the intent of trying to avoid thinking of Billy, meaning that naturally the stupidest things reminded him of his friend. Like an empty styrofoam cup standing somewhere, just begging to be used as a Cup implement, or like the sound of one of the sound technicians laughing giddily, reminding Dom of Billy's infectious giggle. Or simple the light limey green color of one of the prop leaves, bringing to mind the incredible shade of green Billy's eyes got sometimes when he was happy. All in all, things seemed to have conspired against Dom's plan on steering his thoughts well away from everything Billy.

What did Billy have to go and make everything complicated, anyway? All Dom had done was give him one of his patented footrubs (only to make things up to Billy, of course, not because he enjoyed them), holding Billy's feet in his lap, for a change neither one of them feeling the need to talk. It had been a nice, relaxed atmosphere, and Dom had gotten lost in the task of rubbing, stretching, kneading Billy's feet from ankle to toe (feet so slim and surprisingly soft-skinned under his fingers), and had listened with satisfaction to the small sounds of pleasure escaping Billy (whose voice seemed to be made for those little noises - not that Dom cared).
When the sounds had ceased, Dom had looked up, expecting Billy to be asleep. Instead, he had been met with a look so intense, it hit Dom like a wave, stealing his breath and leaving him weak and defenceless.

This was the point where Dom usually tried to stop his train of thought, jerking his unruly mind back into the safe waters of script changes and blue screen action. But Billy's green-eyed gaze (never had Dom seen those eyes so dark before) always lured him back into remembering.
Remembering the gasp that escaped him when Billy slid one of his feet just a bit farther, resting it in the V of Dom's legs. Remembering the fact that Billy kept his gaze, waiting for a move from Dom that never came (he'd been paralyzed, whether by surprise or anticipation not even Dom was sure), and then pressed his toes against the quickly forming hardness in behind Dom's zipper. He moved them rhythmically, in a way that caused Dom to close his eyes (shutting out those eyes, those half-parted lips, that telltale bulge in Billy's jeans) and lie back his head.

It had been over much too quick (not his best performance, that was for sure), and Dom had opened his eyes again, meeting Billy's half-pleased, half-aroused smile. And how could he not have returned the favor, not have leaned over and unzipped Billy, wrapping his hand around him, causing him to make more of those noises until he shuddered and let go, relaxing under Dom's touch?

Dom was not quite sure how he had gotten out of Billy's apartment and back to his place, but it had been surprisingly un-awkward and relaxed (it might even have involved a small kiss on a sleepy Billy's half-open lips). The awkwardness hadn't hit him until this morning, as a matter of fact, when he realized that he wouldn't see Billy today and therefore would not have to talk about what had happened. Which was another reason why this Wednesday was pretty weird for Dom. Because he found that maybe talking about it (everyone knew that friendships were very much complicated by sex, after all) was not what he wanted at all.

Instead, Dom realized that he very much wanted to see what other noises Billy could make when prompted the right way. Maybe he should give Billy a call tonight...

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