Seven Days – Friday

Note: Umm... What to say about this part? It's pretty much smut (does that still qualify as happeh? hope so!). And a bit of Merry/Pippin kinkiness. Because this Billy is one kinky bugger, as Dom can testify... *g*

Friday afternoon found Dom wet, dirty and tired once more, wishing for nothing more than the day to be over. Sometimes he really wondered what had made him accept a job where he had to work more weekends than not in a country where it rained much too often.

Wrapping himself in his blanket he looked around the set, over to where Billy was standing, discussing something about his body stance with tiny Fon. There was something unbearably cute about the way he gesticulated and walked around in circles around his size-double while wearing full Pippin gear, and Dom felt a tearing at his heart that surprised him by its strength. Was he supposed to feel this way about Billy, even if their relationship had taken some unexpected (and deliciously sexy) turns in the last couple of days?

Just then Billy looked up and grinned at Dom, who flushed guiltily at being caught staring, a flush that deepened when Billy clapped Fon on the shoulder and walked ('sauntered' would be the more appropriate term, Dom decided) over to Dom, eyes alight with a gleam that Dom had already learned to recognize as promise. He shivered and licked his suddenly dry lips.

Billy stopped right in front of him, his costume getting drenched in the awful drizzle, and Dom almost reflexively opened his blanket and wrapped it around them both. They had done this so often, it should have been the most normal thing in the world -- Merry and Pippin sharing body warmth. Only, Dom didn't feel very much like responsible Merry right now, and Billy most definitely lacked Pippin's innocence (or would Pippin have slid his hands beneath Merry's waistcoat and shirt, cold fingers grazing already hard nipples?), so the heat of Billy's body so close to his caused Dom's pants to get suddenly a lot tighter and his breathing to become laboured.

"Well, Dommie-lad -- you were a very good boy yesterday and more than deserved your reward last night..." Billy was almost purring, and Dom had to close his eyes to stop them from fastening on Billy's lips. But before his closed eyes he relived again his 'reward' (Billy in front of Dom, oh god, on his knees, his lips wrapped around Dom's aching hardness -- and fuck, this was not helping!), and a strangled sound which might have been Billy's name escaped him.

Billy didn't seem to notice, his fingers (getting warmer all the time, almost seeming to burn on Dom's skin) still playing lazily on Dom's chest. "But you know what, Dom? Today I don't feel like being a good boy at all."

And with that Billy ground his hips against Dom's, who had to hold onto Billy or else his legs would have given way (thank god for blankets, Dom thought feverishly) as hard met hard and Billy leaned forward and nipped Dom's neck.

This did it for Dom. He pulled Billy over to their trailer as if a band of Uruks were behind them. Who cared what it looked like -- Billy didn't seem to care at least, kissing Dom almost before the door was closed. It was wet and coldhot, with much more teeth than before, and Dom found that he quite liked being bitten by this new Billy, who was all hunger and demand. Dom's back collided painfully with a wall, and he grunted into Billy's mouth, hips bucking up violently, almost despite himself. Out of his mind, he was being driven out of his mind with lust and want and naked need (naked, he wanted Billy naked, wanted to be naked against him -- under him).

With fumbling fingers Dom tried to get rid of at least Billy's (Pippin's) jacket and shirt, but Billy caught his hands in his and forced him still. "No time!" he hissed against Dom's mouth, ducking his head to bite down on Dom's neck again. Dom whimpered in protest, a protest that died a quick and painless death when Billy brought his knee up between Dom's legs, grinding hard and purposefully against him.

Even the little coherency that Dom had had left him abruptly as he felt himself crashing towards the edge. Otherwise he would definitely have killed Billy (or at least taken control) when he suddenly stopped all movement. He even released Dom's hands, which came to rest on his shoulders, tangling loosely in his Pippin curls, grabbing a hold of Dom's wig instead (careful not to tear it off -- how could he still think?).

His face was so close to Dom's that his features got kind of blurry. He suddenly looked different, younger, more innocent (like Pippin, Dom recognized) and his voice was soft and decidedly Tookish as he spoke: "Do you want to come wearing your costume, Dommie? Do you want to come as Merry?"

Billy's words were completely at odds with his transformation into Pippin and should have turned Dom off (who had ever heard of gay hobbits, after all?), but Dom couldn't suppress a violent shiver as goosebumps formed all over his body and his cock twitched at the idea of young Pippin making his Merry lose control and let go.

Dom hardly recognized his own voice as he answered (it was Merry's voice, he realized, slipping out as if it was the most natural thing in the world): "Yes! Fuck yes -- please, Pip, make me come!"

Billy shuddered against Dom, still pinning him against the wall with his body, as if he had not after all expected Dom to play along. But he caught himself quickly and started smiling the sweet yet mischievous smile Dom had only seen during shooting before. Again, Dom shivered and licked his lips helplessly.

As Billy leaned in to kiss Dom again, it felt completely different -- there was none of Billy's heat and hunger and instead all of Pippin's devotion and love for Merry, and the fingers slipping into Dom's (Merry's) pants were firm as they wrapped around Dom's cock but slower and much gentler than any of their earlier encounters. Dom had never felt anything so sexy before (so what if he imagined it was real).

Still kissing Billy deeply (needing him, needing his breath, his warmth, his saltysweet taste) Dom came with a final spasm. He couldn't hear his own voice ("Pip, oh Pip!") over the rushing of his blood as he spurted over Billy's hand and into his pants, dimly aware that this was going to be an uncomfortable afternoon but not able to care. Billy's body (still grinding against him, faster and faster) was the only thing that kept him upright.

He managed wrap his arms around him, moving his thigh rhythmically. "Come for me, Pippin -- come for your Merry..." And with a moan, muffled by Dom's mouth, Billy complied.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Back to the set!" someone yelled, and Billy, broke their kiss to grin up at Dom and giggle (Billy's giggle, unmistakably).

"Well, this was definitely worth the discomfort", he stated, kissing Dom once more before straightening his clothes and wig and walking out of the trailer, leaving Dom standing there still in a daze. Finally Dom shook himself like a wet dog and made sure he looked alright (make-up would have to take care of his flushed face) before muttering "Kinky bugger" and following Billy out.

Dom already imagined what punishment would be appropriate for such a naughty boy...

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