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… And What He Found There

(Everybody Knows) I’m Your Guilty Pleasure

A Brother's Memory

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

A Change of Destiny

A Day in the Life of Nick Carter

A Farewell to Arms

A Fool Could See (I Touch Myself)

A Long Dark Night

A Matter of Perception

A Medley of Extemporanea

A Mirror Distorted

A New Rune

A Night Out with the Backstreet Boys

A Political Alliance

A Sacred Band

A Smile in the Dark

A Strange Job

A Summons to Dixing

A Winter Tale

Achilles and Patroclus



After the Funeral


Alone on Thanksgiving? Mad at your dad?

Alphabet drabbles

An Empty Mirror

And Known Too Late (Maudlin' King Remix)

Anything But

Apart from You: Absence (Merry)

Apart from You: Separation (Pippin)

Apart from You: Together

As His Own Soul

As It Should Be

Back to the Start

Bandom: 'music is my boyfriend' ficlets

Base for Comparison

Based on a True Story

Beautiful Intimacy

Beautiful Like the Sun

Bedtime Story

Behind Closed Doors

Better Left Unsaid

Better Off As Lovers

Beyond All Imaginings

Billy/Dom Round Robin

Birthday Boy

Birthday Present

Blood Calls to Blood

Boarding School Shenanigans

Book Lore


Bound in Blood

Bound in Blood aesthetic by willowsmarika


Boys of Summer


Business As Usual

By My Side

Cake and Confusion




Change in Perspective

Change of Fortune



Christmas Early

Christmas fic thingies

Club Night

Collector's Item

Come On, Give Me Fever


Comfort Zone

Coming Home

Coming Out

Complex Organisms



Cuddle Time


dancing about architecture


Desire universe: 27th Birthday

Desire universe: Berlin Premiere

Desire Universe: Choice

Desire universe: First Meeting

Desire Universe: Introduction

Desire Universe: Secret

Desire universe: Unavoidable


Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Don't Panic

Double Vision

Down the Rabbit Hole

Drabbles for Howie month


Early Morning

Early Morning Visit



Everything Is Louder In the Dark

Everything's Not Lost

Facilis Descenus Averno

Facing Reality


Family Reunion

Fanart: Jace & Alec's Instagram Accounts

Fanmix: Chalk and Cheese

Fanmix: i really love you (you're my best friend)

Fanmix: I Wanna See Us Together

Fanmix: It's Been a Long, Long Time…

Fanmix: Jace & Alec

Fanmix: King & Lionheart

Fanmix: No Easy Love

Fanmix: Office Romance

Fanmix: Patrick! (a playlist by Pete)

Fanmix: Perfect Lovesong

Fanmix: The Story of Us

Fanvid: A Sacred Band

Fanvid: Arrow

Fanvid: Can't Help Falling in Love

Fanvid: Closer

Fanvid: Crazy In Love

Fanvid: David & Jonathan – Like His Own Soul

Fanvid: Don't Go Far Off

Fanvid: Don't Go Where I Can't Follow

Fanvid: Everytime We Touch

Fanvid: Fireproof

Fanvid: House of Memories

Fanvid: I Like the Way You Move

Fanvid: I Wanna Fuck You

Fanvid: If This Is Dying

Fanvid: Immortals

Fanvid: It's Consuming Me

Fanvid: King & Lionheart

Fanvid: Lord Have Mercy

Fanvid: One Line

Fanvid: Safe & Sound

Fanvid: Sexy Boy

Fanvid: Silver & Gold

Fanvid: Sonnet XVII

Fanvid: Starlight

Fanvid: Steve & Bucky: a Romance

Fanvid: Stop the World (I Wanna Get Off With You)

Fanvid: Temple of Thought

Fanvid: The Lucky Ones

Fanvid: The Other Side

Fanvid: Till the End of the Line

Fanvid: Untouchable

Fanvid: War of Hearts

Fanvid: We Will Go Home (Song of Exile)

Fanvid: We're In This Together

Fanvid: What's a soulmate?

Fanvid: You Are My Sunshine

February Fantasies (with Desiree)

Fic & Vid: Love Is a Fire

Fire and Ashes

Fireside Conversation


First Date

First Meeting

Five Golden Rings

Follow the Leader

For Art

For Comfort


Forever Blue

Four AM

French Revolution AU

Friendly Interference



gently i traded my heart for yours

Good Enough

Gut Reaction


Halloween not!fic

Hangover Cure

Happy Birthday!

Happy Steve Bingo

Headcanons for vamp!Jace

Heavy Is the Head

Here Comes the Bride

High Speed

Hit the Floor



Hook Up

How Will Gorski Stopped Worrying (and Learned to Love Gay Sex)

Howie D. Obsession

I am also a We

In a Good Light

In a Mirror Darkly

In Between

In Dreams

In Your Eyes

Insta-ficlet: Billy/Dom

Insta-ficlet: Billy/Orlando

Just a Little Crush

Just One Dance

Kiss and Make Up

Kiss with a Fist

Landing in Neverland


Leaving Normal

Let Me Take Care of You [with Nik]

Let No Man Put Asunder

Letters from Home

Letting Off Steam

Lights, Camera, Action

Lost Boy

Lotrips Drabbles

Lotrips: 'music is my boyfriend' ficlets

Lovers In a Dangerous Time

Loving Alec

Make Me a Supermodel RPS: Open Doors

Market Day

Middle Ground

Minor Adjustments

Mirror, Mirror (Just a Little Bit Cracked)

Mix and Match

MMAS: 4 drabbles

Modus Operandi

Moment of Truth


Moon Run

More request drabbles

More Than a Pretty Face: a defense of the role of Hephaistion Philalexandros in the formation of the Great Alexandrian Empire

More Than Blood

Mprov #1

Mprov #2

Mprov #3

Mprov #4

My Life, by Bronx Mowgli Simpson Wentz, Aged Five-and-Three-Quarters


Nights in Susa

Nighttime Ritual

No Air Left

No Longer Pretend (To Have My Hand on the Wheel)


Now I Know In Part

Oddly Intimate

On My Knees I Thee Worship

Once Upon a Honeymoon

One Moment

One Too Many

One-Night Stand

Outside Interference


Pancakes and Handjobs


Part of Me

Party Fun

Patrick's Proper Prom (could be a love song)

Pay Day



Phantom Pain

Phone Call

Podfic: A Mirror Distorted


Pour la beauté du geste


Prequel: Adventures Under Ground



Pride & Parabatai


Push Your Buttons (Because They're So Shiny)

Pyrrhic Victory

Quite a Ride

Reluctant (11 parts)


Request drabbles


Reunions & Revelations


Rumor Mill

Rumour Mill

Script Rewrite

Second Chances

Second Date


Sensory Memory

Setting the Mood


Seven Days – Friday

Seven Days – Monday

Seven Days – Saturday

Seven Days – Sunday

Seven Days – Thursday

Seven Days – Tuesday

Seven Days – Wednesday

shadows of days that are gone

Sharing Body Heat


Side-trip: Which Dreamed It?

Silver and Silk

Simple Biology


Snow Storm


Sometimes Late Is Right On Time




Stucky Big Bang 2017: a perfect soldier by SouthSideStory

Surprise visit

Take Me to Church

Thanks for the Memories

The Collision of Planetary Bodies (Breaking Point)

The Complete Picture

The Cook, the Bookbinder, His Sister and Her Kids

The Cost of Eros

The Day of the Three French Hens

The End of the Tether

The Gift

The Joey Room

The More Things Change

The Morning After

The Night Before

The Old Familiar Places

The One You Love the Most

The Only Boy in the Band

The Phone Sex Issue

The Proposal

The Queen's Jest

The Start of Devotion

The Story of the Eyeliner

The Taste of Freedom

the touching of imperfect souls

The Wentz/Stump Ticket

There's a light on in Chicago

There's An App For That

things you said when i was crying

This Is Just the Prologue (We're Making Some Progress)

This story is about love

Three Nights

Three's Company (Four's a Crowd)

Through the Desert (WIP, on hiatus)

Through the Looking Glass

tides they turn (here we are)

Tides Turning

To the Ends of the Earth

Top Chef: Halloween drag



Turning Page

Two Hobbits Hiding

Two Minutes and Ten Hours




Unmixed Signals

Unseen Things

Untitled Ewan/Hayden slash

Vid: Follow You

Vid: Lex Mala Lex Nulla



Waking Alone

We Don't Sniff the Subetheric Resonator

We Never Change


where the dark has no room to touch