Happy Steve Bingo

The Happy Steve Bingo is a challenge to create happy Steve content of any kind. Here's my first Bingo card (pairings/ratings before the different drabbles):

Happy Steve Bingo
“You’re So Warm” Snow Angels Loyalty / Devotion Arm Wrestling Christmas
Found Family Laughing During Sex Make-Up Secret Admirer Body Issues
Knitting De-Aging ★ (De-Aging) Last Jar of Ingredient On Thanksgiving Eve Miscommunication
Social Media “Hi, I Got Your Halloween Costume Delivered to Me by Mistake” Log Cabins and Camping Trips First Dates Enemies to Friends to Lovers
Snowball Fight Personalized Handshake Awkward with Babies and/or Kids Supersoldier Healing “It’s Too Early for Christmas Carols!”


"You're So Warm"
250 words, Steve&Bucky&Sam, Rated: G.

Both Steve and Bucky didn’t like the cold. Unsurprising, considering their backgrounds, Sam figured, carrying two steaming mugs of coffee to the park bench where the two supersoldiers were sitting, both wrapped in scarves and hats as if it was already winter and not barely autumn.

As per usual they were huddled together - ever since Thanos Steve preferred having Bucky nearby, preferably touching him. It wasn’t quite so bad with Sam, which Sam didn’t mind - not with the way Steve’s face lit up the moment he laid eyes on him. He was almost sure it was because of him not the coffee, especially because Steve was actually moving a little away from Bucky to make room for him between them.

Handing over the pumpkin spice lattes, Sam raised an eyebrow. “Really, there’s no need, I can sit on your other side.”

“Nah, that’s okay.” Much to Sam’s surprise it was Bucky who answered. 

It should have felt claustrophobic, being squeezed in between two hulking men, yet Sam found he didn’t mind, not even when Steve reached across him to ruffle Bucky’s hair with a fond chuckle.

“He doesn’t want to say it, but we like having you close,” Steve stage-whispered into Sam’s ear, “you’re nice and warm.”

Bucky scoffed but didn’t protest, and Steve’s eyes twinkled in uncomplicated joy. Leaning a little against Steve’s arm, Sam reckoned he could put up with being the filling in this particular sandwich if it meant he got to see Steve smile like this.


Laughing During Sex
150 words, Steve/Bucky, rated: T.

When Steve had imagined making love with Bucky (and boy, had he ever!) it had been intense and overwhelming, with lots of staring into one another's eyes, passionate declarations of love and possibly even some emotional tears. Reality turned out rather differently.

In reality, Steve started crying because he was laughing so hard, his sides hurt. Next to him, Bucky was glaring at him, picking a splinter out of his hand. Strewn around them lay the broken ruins of Steve's bed, which hadn't survived the amorous onslaught of two supersoldiers with decades worth of pent-up passion.

Still gasping with laughter, Steve rested his head against Bucky's shoulder. Stiff at first, Bucky slowly relaxed, his lips twitching as he tried and failed to hide a fond smile. Catching it, Steve leaned in for a kiss. "I love you."

It wasn't how Steve had imagined it - but somehow, it was still perfect.


First Dates
200 words, rated G. Steve/Bucky, Steve/Peggy.

"This can't possibly be your first date." Peggy waved Steve off when he tried to stuff a pillow under her back. "Please tell me that you and Barnes have gone on a date before - and not the kind where you both pretend you're not more interested in each other than in the lady you're escorting."

"Well, it was illegal back then," Steve defended himself, wondering if maybe Peggy had forgotten this. It happened, even on her good days.

However, the gaze she fixed him with was clear. "I wasn't born yesterday, Steve - there have always been queer people who managed to go out with each other, law or no law."

"Things were... complicated." Steve blushed, and Peggy's eyes softened.

She offered him her hand, which he took gently. "But now there are no more excuses, dear boy."

"No, no more excuses." Steve shook his head and leaned down to kiss her palm before smiling ruefully. "Although I have to confess that Bucky was the one who asked me, after they woke him from cryo."

"At least one of you has some good sense." Peggy laughed, and for one moment she was once again the only woman Steve had ever loved.


De-Aging (wild card square)
200 words, rated G. Steve & Bucky.

Five-year-old Steve was quite a handful. Bucky had no idea why that would surprise anyone, but from among the Avengers only Natasha and Sam appeared nonplussed when they had to stop the small blonde bundle of energy from hurling himself into the middle of yet another pickle.

"Why did he do that?" Tony whined. "That dog was twice his size!"

Bucky just rolled his eyes, busy with patting down a pouting Steve to make sure he really hadn't gotten himself hurt, and it was Natasha who explained not-so-patiently, "The animal had hurt its paw."

"And Stevie's always had the self-preservation of a lemming," Bucky added grimly, but his hands were gentle, and Steve was already grinning again. When he got back to his feet, Bucky wasn't surprised in the least when two small hands, still dirty from Steve's tumble after the dog had made its escape, grabbed the hem of his shirt.

"Piggyback ride!" Steve demanded, blue eyes twinkling as if he knew exactly that Bucky had never been able to deny him. Which was the plain truth, of course, and Bucky hefted the small boy into his arms, easily slinging him across his shoulders while Steve squealed in delight.


"It's Too Early For Christmas Carols!"
Steve/Bucky, 350 words, rated G. Modern!Bucky AU.

No matter what Tony said, Steve wasn't a stick-in-the-mud. He didn't mind if his neighbors kept regular hours - hell, it wasn't as if Captain America was a nine-to-five job. Still, tonight he had to clamp down the urge to bang a broom against the ceiling, which wasn't the way he'd wanted to introduce himself after moving back to Brooklyn two weeks ago.

Pressing his pillow over his ears, Steve took turns cursing his enhanced hearing and whoever upstairs had decided that early October was the perfect time to start belting Christmas carols. It wasn't that the voice was bad, it was actually rather pleasant, except the guy had been going for what felt like forever and Steve was quickly running out of patience.

He might not need as much sleep as the average person, but he'd just returned from a rather taxing mission, so after another interval of non-stop singing, he cursed once more and got up. Putting on a pair of sweatpants and some sneakers, he made his way upstairs, still grumbling. His first knock got no reply, which only added to his annoyance. Finally, the singing stopped, and he could hear someone approach the door.

Taking a calming breath, Steve told himself to be firm but polite in his request for silence. However, when the door opened, Steve found himself at a loss for words for an entirely different reason - the guy blinking up at him from grey-blue eyes was plainly gorgeous. He was also quite visibly checking out Steve, making him all-too-aware of the fact that his sleep t-shirt was threadbare and at least one size too small.

Fighting a blush, Steve opened his mouth, fully intending to complain about the singing, no matter that his fingers itched with the urge to tuck back loose strands of dark hair that had escaped a messy pony tail or that his neighbor's surprised smile warmed him in places that had been cold and barren since he'd gone into the ice. What came out instead was a rather strangled Hi!

Suddenly, Christmas carols in October didn't seem all that bad.


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