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… And What He Found There

(Not So) Shiny and New

A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

A Change of Destiny

A Change of Plan

A Day Like This

A Farewell to Arms

A Lesson in Objectification

A Matter of Perception

A Necessary Confrontation

A New Rune

A Political Alliance

A Sacred Band

A Sliders Romance

A Snippet

A Strange Job

Achilles and Patroclus


All Good Things Come in Threes (13 parts, on hiatus)

Alone on Thanksgiving? Mad at your dad?

Anything But

Back to the Start

Beautiful Intimacy

Behind Closed Doors

Behind the Veil

Better Left Unsaid

Better Off As Lovers

Beyond All Imaginings

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Present

Blood Calls to Blood

Boarding School Shenanigans

Bound in Blood

Bound in Blood aesthetic by willowsmarika

Boys of Summer




Christmas fic thingies


Come On, Give Me Fever

Comfort Zone

Complex Organisms


Conflict of Interest



Did My Heart Love Till Now (unfinished)

Director's Cut

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dream Encounter

Drift Compatible


East of Eden


Examination Day

Facilis Descenus Averno

Family Reunion

Fanart: Jace & Alec's Instagram Accounts

Fanmix: Chalk and Cheese

Fanmix: Hello, I'm the Doctor…

Fanmix: Jace & Alec

Fanmix: No Easy Love

Fanmix: Office Romance

Fanmix: Perfect Lovesong

Fanmix: Please Meet the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher

Fanmix: Your own bespoke psychopath

Fanvid: 5 Women

Fanvid: A Sacred Band

Fanvid: Angels Would Fall

Fanvid: Bite

Fanvid: Brooklyn (We Go Hard)

Fanvid: Carry You

Fanvid: Closer

Fanvid: Couldn't Stop Caring

Fanvid: David & Jonathan – Like His Own Soul

Fanvid: Don't Go Where I Can't Follow

Fanvid: Flares

Fanvid: I Like the Way You Move

Fanvid: I Love You, You Imbecile

Fanvid: If This Is Dying

Fanvid: It's Consuming Me

Fanvid: Killjoys – The Reclamation Agents (Professionals style)

Fanvid: Lean On

Fanvid: Love You Much Better

Fanvid: One of Us

Fanvid: Parabatai

Fanvid: River & the Doctor (Love Theme)

Fanvid: Safe & Sound

Fanvid: Sexy Boy

Fanvid: Silver & Gold

Fanvid: Slow Motion

Fanvid: Sonnet XVII

Fanvid: Starlight

Fanvid: Stop the World (I Wanna Get Off With You)

Fanvid: Stuck On You

Fanvid: Sunny Days

Fanvid: The Lucky Ones

Fanvid: The Other Side

Fanvid: The Scientist

Fanvid: They Call Me Devil

Fanvid: Till the End of the Line

Fanvid: Untouchable

Fanvid: War of Hearts

Fanvid: What's a soulmate?

Fanvid: You Are My Sunshine

Favorite Mistake

Fic & Vid: Love Is a Fire

Fireside Conversation

First Date

First Meeting


Five Times Julia & Jan Did Not Cross the Line (and One Time They Did)

For Art


Forever Blue


gently i traded my heart for yours

Good Enough

Gut Reaction


Happy Birthday!

Happy Valentine

Headcanons for vamp!Jace

Heavy Is the Head

Hit the Floor


How Will Gorski Stopped Worrying (and Learned to Love Gay Sex)

I am also a We

In a Good Light

In a Mirror Darkly

Just One Dance

Kiss and Make Up

Kiss with a Fist


Let No Man Put Asunder

Let This Be My Vow

Letters from Home

Letting Off Steam

Lights, Camera, Action

Lost Boy

Loving Alec

Market Day

Middle Ground

Minor Adjustments


Modus Operandi

More Than a Kiss

More Than Blood

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher

No Air Left

Now I Know In Part

Oddly Intimate

Once Upon a Honeymoon

One Gaudy Night

One Too Many

One-Night Stand


Pandora's Box

Pipers, Wind and Lorelai

Post-Battle Procedure

Prequel: Adventures Under Ground



Pride & Parabatai

Pyrrhic Victory


Reunions & Revelations



Rumor Mill

Second Date


Side-trip: Which Dreamed It?

Simple Biology


Take Me to Church

Taking Refuge

Tastes Like You (Only Sweeter)

Thanks for the Memories

The After-Life of River Song

The Cost of Eros

The End of the Tether

The Morning After

The One You Love the Most

The Proposal

The Queen's Jest

The Taste of Freedom

the touching of imperfect souls

There's a light on in Chicago

things you said when i was crying

things you said when you were crying

This story is about love

Three's Company (Four's a Crowd)

Through the Looking Glass

Tides Turning

Time Out

Turning Page



Unmixed Signals


Vid: Follow You

Vid: Lex Mala Lex Nulla

Vidlet: Queer for Cat

Waking Alone

We Don't Sniff the Subetheric Resonator


where the dark has no room to touch

White Rabbit

Wing Man

Wish Fulfillment

Without You No Life

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