Headcanons for vamp!Jace

1. Jace's heritage is one of his best-guarded secrets, which is why he goes by Jonathan Christopher. Vampires do not treat Turned Shadowhunters well, and Jace systematically killed anyone who knew him when he was still Jonathan Herondale, starting with the vampire who Turned him against his will. Luckily he's always been good at adapting and surviving.

2. Jace hadn't planned on staying in New York for long. He wasn't sure why he'd bothered going head-to-head with Camille for control of the Clan, but the moment he laid eyes on the young Shadowhunter the Clave sent, he'd felt it. This was the reason, this gorgeous warrior with his defiant eyes, whose mind was so responsive to Jace's, as if it had been waiting just for him. There was no doubt in Jace's mind, no hesitation over the risks of binding a Nephilim to himself - Alec Lightwood would be his, and Jace would finally no longer be alone.

3. Jace has no intention of turning Alec, and not because of the sweet, intoxicating taste of his half-Angel blood. He loves how warm Alec is in his arms, how beautifully alive. It makes Jace feel more real than he has in over a century. Still, he keeps feeding Alec his blood - not only because of the connection it built, but because this way, should something happen to the Shadowhunter, there is the chance to bring him back. In the meantime his blood will actually extend Alec's lifespan. Jace will not go back to a life without Alec.

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