Did My Heart Love Till Now (unfinished)

Note: Because this Unfinished Fic Amnesty Week is an awfully good idea...

The following beginning has 'xx' before its title in my 'incomplete' folder, meaning that I'm never ever going to finish it. I wrote it about one and a half years ago, when I was still totally into Roswell and it's been sitting there ever since. But maybe you'll enjoy it anyway...


My name is Liz Parker - still the same, although everything else has changed.
I don't talk about school or something as unimportant as that. I talk about my feelings, my heart, about what I perceived to be the core of my self - everything that counts has been completely turned upside down.

Because yesterday I cheated on Max - with Michael, his best friend and my best friend's boyfriend! And I'm not talking about a drunken kiss at a party or something else that could be explained and perhaps excused - I'm talking full-blown sex here. And I was a virgin before last night, which makes it even worse if that's possible.

I always considered myself a decent person, caring and honest - basically a good friend, someone people can trust and rely on. And most of all I considered myself faithful. So I don't know I how I could do one of the worst things imaginable (I mean, Max's BEST FRIEND, Maria's BOYFRIEND, for heaven's sake!) - and why I'm not even regretting it...
No, that's a lie - if I'm honest with myself I know the answer, to this last question at least: I don't regret it (in fact I'm having troubles to banish a stupid happy grin from my face...) because I've fallen in love with Michael - and fallen hard.

But how did all that happen in only 24 hours? I was happy with Max - at least that's what I thought...


-Friday 15.00-

Liz had the afternoon off, so she decided to visit her boyfriend Max at the UFO center where he worked. They hadn't spent much time together lately, owing to a sick waitress at the Crashdown. But Agnes was finally back and Liz had her freedom again - and she was planning to enjoy it thoroughly by surprising Max and making out a bit with him behind the back of his boss...
They'd gotten back together soon after Tess' departure, after finding out that everything had been a mind warp and Max had never slept with her. They still took things slow, trying to heal the wounds the last year had inflicted on them both. But Liz felt as if slowly things were getting back to normal - well, at least as normal as possible when dating an alien king.

So Liz was in a very good mood as she stood in front of her mirror, trying to decide what to wear to tease Max and suit her daring mood. Finally she decided on a sexy outfit Maria had made her buy - a half-transparent summer dress in a pattern of turquoise and blue that reminded her of the sea. Its v-neck dipped down almost to her navel (at least it felt that way) and giggling she decided to 'forget' to wear anything underneath it... That would drive Max crazy! She completed the outfit with knee-high leather boots and a bit more make-up than usual, letting her shiny dark hair falling open over her back, the way Max liked it best. She was all set and ready for some afternoon fun!

For the way she put on a jeans jacket, not wanting all of Roswell to know that little Lizzie Parker was intent on playing vamp and seducing her boyfriend in the middle of a Friday afternoon.
She had decided to walk there, planning to stay at the UFO center until Max finished and could give her a ride. She didn't have to be home before 2 o'clock at night and wanted to spend some quality time with the love of her life - the very sexy love of her life, Liz added silently, smiling in anticipation as she walked towards her goal.

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