Fanvid: Angels Would Fall

Author's Note: My very first attempt at vidding, because I have Noma feels that need expressing. 🙂 This is out of necessity a shippy vid, because Alex is very much Noma's focus. I'm just glad he's beginning to see how important she is to him, too.


Spoilers through 2x07 - Lay Thee Before Kings. Music by Melissa Etheridge. Copious use of voice-over.

Stream (YT, with captions) or download (.zip, 243 mb)

The rating is due to some violence and a couple of bare butts (thanks, SyFy! *g*).

-Besides, what good am I really doing here anyway? -Noma, you saved my ass at least once.
-It's all been lies? -No.
-Not a chance in hell I'm not going with you, so.
-Noma! Noma!
-Alex, are you sure about this?
-Maybe they mean you're something special, maybe they don't mean anything at all.
-I've come this far, you think I'm giving up now?
-What have I done, Noma?
-I still know who you are, even if you don't.
-Alex, you sonofabitch, I never thought you were coming out of there again!
-You thought the Corps was more important to me than you?
-So what am I? I don't know.
-You're the one not listening.
-That was all me.
-Who did this to you? -She did. To save me.
-The three of us against the world, huh? -The world doesn't stand a chance.


End Note: Being a big fan of the art form, I've played with the idea of vidding for years, but I never quite dared to actually open up iMovie and give it a try. However, there aren't a whole lot of vids in this fandom (that I could find), and that kind of made it easier to take the plunge. I just hope I didn't make too much of a mess of things...

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