Fanvid: Don't Go Where I Can't Follow

Author's Note: I love Matteusz so much, and his relationship with Charlie is amazing, so of course I had to vid them... The LotR quote pretty much decided for me. 🙂


Music: I'll Follow You Into the Dark, by Gavin Mikhail (edited by me, full length here)

Download: .zip (216mb, mp4 + srt)

Charlie: I shall ask Matteusz as my date.

Matteusz: Hello.
C: Everything alright?
M: Oh. Yeah. My deeply religious parents are very happy I'm going to dance with a boy.
C: Great.
M: You are a very strange person.

C: What's wrong?
M: They've... thrown me out.

M: I would like to say something.
Do not laugh at me.
C: Is it funny?
M: No.
C: Because sometimes I miss the human sense of humour. I mean, have you seen that show, Take Me Out?
M: I love you. Do you have love where you come from?

C: I wish for you.

C: I love you. And I've lost you.

M: Please don't go where I can't follow.

M: If you are ever lost... I will find you.

C: It's the combination that means love. My family... They never saw me as someone they needed to bother combining with.

C: I think I'm lost, Matteusz.
M: Then I will find you.

M: I promise to love you today. And tomorrow I'll make this promise again.

M: My heart sometimes breaks just for the thinking of you... but I'm also afraid of you.

Quill: Kill them all!
M: That would make him a monster!

Ames: You and Matteusz can live happily ever after.
C: You're wrong. I die either way.

M: Don't you fear for what you love?
C: For it, not of it.

C: I already died. A moment ago.

C: I think it every day, and the only thing that stops me is you. Sometimes I hate you for it.

M: It feels like death, but it's not. I'm here.

C: Try to still love me.

C: Now they're gone, all of them! They're... gone, and I should be gone with them!

C: I'm lost... and alone.
M: You are not alone.

M: What if that's forever?
C: Then it's forever.

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