Seven Days – Monday

Note: Started this little series as a birthday present for blythely, but also as happy Monaboyd for domhobbitzes.

Monday morning, Dom woke up in a very bad mood, which was not surprising because it was only 4.30 in the morning after all.

They had had the weekend off, and the hobbits (including Orli, of course) had gone on a road trip from Nelson over to Taranaki for some surfing. Looking back at it they seemed to have spent more time in the car and on the ferry than in the water, so Dom did not feel particularly relaxed. On top of that he'd fallen off his board once too often and now sported an ugly bruise on his shoulder. The others had found it all incredibly funny (especially Billy, the wanker, who hardly ever fell anymore), but it had made for a very uncomfortable night for Dom who always slept curled up on his side.

Therefore it was a very grumpy Dom who climbed in Billy's car, his „good morning" more a grunt than anything else. But Billy only grinned at him (much too cheerful for Dom's taste) and wished him „A very good morning indeed, Dommie-lad...", slapping him on the back in a friendly fashion.

The gesture was lost on Dom, because Billy had managed to hit him right on his bruise. „Bloody hell, Bill -- that fucking hurt!" Angrily he shook off Billy's hand, shooting him a dark look.

Venting his frustration should have made him feel better, but one look at the suddenly rigid set of Billy's shoulders (telling Dom clearly that his friend was trying not to let Dom get to him) caused all anger to evaporate instantly, leaving Dom feeling like a piece of shit. It was not often that Billy had a good morning (he hated getting up just as much as the other hobbits), and with his childish outburst Dom had gone and ruined it.

Dom didn't waste any time feeling guilty, though, he simply reached over and pulled Billy in a tight hug, ignoring the pain in his stretched shoulder.

„Aww, I'm an ass -- I just had a crappy night and needed someone to be mean to... Should have saved that for Lij, though. The boy needs someone to needle him into wakefulness!"

Wrapped in Dom's arms, Billy's chuckles were muffled, his breath hot and wet against Dom's neck -- and Monday morning suddenly not so bad anymore.

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