Seven Days – Saturday

Note: A bit too late because I was at the John Howe exhibition in Gruyères yesterday. But hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway! (And domhobbitzes - there's *gasp* real sex! LOL)

Billy did not particularly enjoy working Saturdays (he was sane, after all), but this particular Saturday the fact that they had to work had caused (or served as excuse for) Dom to spend the night at Billy's place -- and for the first time in Billy's bed.

Billy found that he could easily get used to sleeping with Dom -- and he even meant that in the literal sense. No matter how often he had imagined it, having the actual Dom there, all heavy limbs (arranged around Billy in a most agreeable fashion) and soft snoring (his chest lifting and sinking slowly beneath Billy's head), beat any fantasy by light-years.

Who cared about a nightly incident with the duvet when he could wake up to watch Dom sleep peacefully, completely at ease in Billy's bed, as if he belonged there? Billy knew he didn't, especially if it meant that he got to plant soft kisses all over Dom's bare chest and along his long neck, just to discover that Dom had woken up when a pair of strong hands were suddenly on Billy's butt, pushing him against a friendly morning erection.

"Huh, Dominic Monaghan up before the alarm clock -- now what could be the cause of such a momentous event?" Billy grinned before claiming Dom's mouth in a kiss, not caring about morning breath in the least (because he was busy rubbing his own hard-on against Dom's).

"Well, maybe the fact that I've got an extremely fuckable Scotsman in my bed..." Dom almost purred once they broke apart for a bit of necessary air. Billy most definitely could get used to that voice -- so much that he could see himself listening to it for the rest of his life (or until they were both so old that they could only croak).

"My bed, to be exact, Mr. Monaghan!" Billy simply couldn't help but tease Dom, it had become a kind of reflex during their months together.

A reflex that he might obviously come to regret, because Dom sat up suddenly, putting an end to the delicious friction. "If you're going to be like that, Mr. Boyd, I guess I'll have to get dressed and find myself someone else to fuck..."

Dom went so far as to actually make to get up, a move that Billy could only prevent by tackling him, causing him to fall back onto the bed with a thud. They ended up in a heap of tangled legs and arms, with elbows jammed into uncomfortable places and the wind knocked out of them both, which quickly turned to wrestling, panting and laughing as they both tried to get the upper hand.

Dom managed to finally hold Billy down by the sheer weight of his body, almost straddling him, his face only inches from Billy's, breath coming in gasps as he grinned down at him, his hands fixing Billy's arms over his head. Billy felt all his blood rush downwards and stopped struggling suddenly, licking his lips.

"Didn't I hear something about you fucking someone, Dommie-lad?" he asked with a smile, pushing his hips upwards.

Dom took a deep breath, his eyes turning a stormy-dark color as he fixed Billy with a look that sent shivers all over Billy's body. The air between them (all two inches of it) seemed to be prickling with promise and anticipation. Billy knew that it was really going to happen, that Dom would be inside him before long -- and he couldn't wait. It felt like something he had wished for for a long time.

"Do we have a volunteer?" Dom inquired, but dove down for a hard kiss before Billy could answer, leaving him breath- and speechless. Thus he only nodded weakly as Dom started grinding against him in earnest, the look on his face all intention. "Well, if that's the case... You still owe me something for yesterday anyway!"

That was more or less the last complete sentence spoken, it was all gasps and groans and four-letter-words as Dom set about driving Billy insane (not that Billy complained). Because they were still in bed there were not a lot of clothes to get rid of, a fact that Billy was profoundly grateful for. He tried to take in every detail of Dom's body, so familiar but yet altogether new, the planes and curves, soft skin and hard muscle -- but it was rather hard to pay attention when his senses were on Dom overload.

His whole body seemed to be on fire, it was hard to distinguish between lips (teeth) and hands, roaming at will over his body, and Billy bit his lips to keep from crying out (too early, too much, ohso good, Dom!). Then there were deft fingers on his butt, sliding into his hole (where did the lube come from? oh yes, Billy's bedside table), twisting and burning and brighthotpleasure, and Billy moaned as he let go completely. Dom smiled and leaned down to kiss him, fingers moved in and out of Billy, fucking him, closer and closer...

Then he stopped and Billy protested before realizing that this meant it was time (finally) and then lifted his legs on Dom's shoulders. Their eyes locked as Dom slid in, throwing his head back (never had Billy's name sounded so good to his ears), and then they were moving, back and forth, in and out, deep and deeper, everything Billy had dreamed of and more.

He came with Dom close behind him, despite both their efforts to keep going, to hold on a bit longer (don't be over yet!), waves of pleasure crashing over Billy, drowning him over and over again. He struggled to keep his eyes open, wanting to see Dom, seeing the same thoughts reflected on Dom's face just before his arms gave way and he collapsed on top of Billy, kissing him sleepily, eyes soft and so warm (Billy's heart ached with it).

Sweat and semen glued them together, Billy's joints (ass) ached and he could hardly breathe (Dom was heavy, boneless), and they had to get up in half an hour -- but there was Dom, in his bed, in his arms, and this was the best Saturday ever.

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