On My Knees I Thee Worship

Author's Note: Thanks to alesia for the beta!

It‘s taken me indecently long to finish this, considering it‘s just a PWP (with feels, because I can‘t help myself)... Inspired by Zhao Yunlan’s first trip to Dixing and his perpetual lusting over Shen Wei/BCE. AU for smut purposes.


It’s really dark down here; no wonder so many Dixingren want to live in Haixing. Those are Zhao Yunlan’s first thoughts as he takes in his surroundings, which are not all that different from Dragon City at first glance, except bathed in perpetual dusk and missing the hustle and bustle of the sunlit city above.

He stumbles a little, still feeling slightly dizzy from the sensation of being hurtled through elsewhere to this strange place, and a strong hand comes to steady him. The hand belongs to Shen Wei – or rather, to the Black-Cloaked Envoy, and Zhao Yunlen allows himself to sag into the supportive grip for just a second before straightening back up with a grateful nod.

“Thanks, Lao Hei.” Feeling like himself again, he adds with a wink, “Feel free to lend a hand whenever you want to.”

Someone gives an indignant squawk, and Zhao Yunlen registers for the first time that their guide has also changed appearance, wearing old-fashioned clothes and long hair. He’s also staring at them as if he can’t believe his eyes. Actually, his flabbergasted gaze is solely directed at Zhao Yunlan, who reacts instinctively by staring back with every bit of his not-inconsiderable insolence. He considers whether or not to compound this by taking out a lollipop but decides to restrain himself, since he has no idea who the old man is and doesn’t want to cause a diplomatic incident.

Finally, the Dixingren redirects his attention, pretending as if Zhao Yunlan isn’t even there, and focuses on Shen Wei instead. Zhao Yunlan is almost certain that the latter has been watching the exchange from behind his mask with barely suppressed amusement, but this dies at the old man’s words: “My Lord Envoy, your presence, as always, honours us.”

“Justiciar,” Shen Wei replies in his most regal tones, barely inclining his head in acknowledgment. Heat curling in his stomach, Zhao Yunlan bites his lip, trying not to show how much he likes the Envoy’s casual display of authority. It makes the fact that he never manages to look at Zhao Yunlan in this manner, no matter how hard he tries, even more special. There’s always some warmth hidden in the corners of that elegant mouth, even if no one but Zhao Yunlan dares to look closely enough to notice. Now Shen Wei’s voice is dripping with disdain: “We will meet the King now.”

He must really dislike the Justiciar, and Zhao Yunlan decides to distract himself by popping a lollipop into his mouth now. His movement causes the Justiciar to glare at him again, although he immediately tempers his expression as he turns back to Shen Wei, once again pretending that Zhao Yunlan isn’t there. Zhao Yunlan’s starting to feel slighted, a feeling that turns into outright outrage when the old man proceeds to wheedle in a tone that manages to be simultaneously subservient and censuring, “Please, my Lord Envoy, take charge of your Haixing pet. He cannot be allowed to show such insolence.”

Zhao Yunlan would have said something scathing in return, but Shen Wei silences him with a quick look before thundering, “Zhao Yunlan is the Lord Guardian. He deserves your respect!”

“I mean no disrespect to you, my Lord-” Much to Zhao Yunlan’s surprise the Justiciar doesn’t back down. “-but he is from Haixing, and you of all people must see that he has to be treated according to our laws. After all, they expect the same of us when we venture into their world.”

He has a point, Zhao Yunlan is loathe to admit, and even with the mask hiding most of his face, he can tell that Shen Wei draws the same conclusion, although he obviously doesn’t like it. Neither does Zhao Yunlan, even without knowing exactly what this means for his status. It can’t be good when it entails being called a pet and treated like a recalcitrant child.

Still, he manages to keep his tongue in check, instead childishly directing his own reply exclusively towards Shen Wei: “It’s alright, Hei Pao Shi-ge, as head of SID it is a matter of honour to follow Dixing laws and customs.” He can feel the Justiciar glaring daggers at him at the informal address, which is of course what Zhao Yunlan aimed for. He adds insult to injury and winks at Shen Wei. “I am, as always, at your disposal.”

He notices Shen Wei’s lips twitching ever so slightly before drawing into a tight line. Then Shen Wei steps closer. His black cloak effectively forms a barrier between them and the Justiciar, and he asks quietly, “Zhao Yunlan, are you sure? Our customs are… rather different. If I had thought that you were expected to follow them, I would never have brought you along. You will have to do exactly as I tell you, no questions asked, and we both know that obedience isn’t your strong suit.”

There’s no trace of amusement in his voice, clueing Zhao Yunlan in to how serious the situation is. Still, if there was actual danger, Shen Wei would tell him, of that Zhao Yunlan’s certain. And if he’s honest with himself, he really wants to go inside the Palace and see the Dixing King with his own eyes, out of professional interest as well as simple curiosity.

“I’ll do it.” He nods without hesitation, urging Shen Wei to believe him. “Whatever it is, I’ll do it.”

Shen Wei’s eyes bore into his unblinkingly for another long moment, then he pulls back, and Zhao Yunlan expels a breath, only now realising how close they’ve been standing. With a dramatic swirl of black cloak Shen Wei turns away from him, and Zhao Yunlan knows the matter is settled. He’s in for it now, whatever it might turn out to be.

Inside the Palace, they are led across a courtyard and up some stairs to a room that’s hidden behind an elaborately carved partition. Zhao Yunlan makes sure to stay one step behind Shen Wei, who doesn’t glance back once. Somehow Zhao Yunlan knows that he’s still aware of him, however, which seems to be one of the Envoy’s superpowers.

Not that Zhao Yunlan minds – on the contrary, he likes the way Shen Wei seems unable not to focus on him. It was one of the things that intrigued Zhao Yunlan right from the start, and it’s only gotten more intense as their relationship deepened. Since the truth of Shen Wei’s identity has come out, Zhao Yunlan sometimes feels the Envoy’s attention weighing on him all the way from Shen Wei’s apartment. Again, Zhao Yunlan doesn’t mind. It only makes him feel valued, cherished even, which is an altogether new sensation that he’d reject from anyone who‘s not Shen Wei.

The thought alone is enough to make him smile to himself, and he’s so distracted he almost runs into Shen Wei’s back. He stumbles as he catches himself, and a strong hand darts back to grip his arm and squeeze roughly. “Mind your step.”

Zhao Yunlan almost protests at the harsh tone but a flash of black eyes shuts him up, and he meekly lowers his head. He expects Shen Wei to let go of him, but instead he half-yanks him along until they reach a long table. There’s an old, bearded man sitting behind it on an ornate throne, and Zhao Yunlan bows before the King of Dixing, making sure to bend lower than Shen Wei and the Justiciar.

There are two plainer chairs on their side of the table, and Shen Wei twists his hand, casually using dark energy to pull them back. Zhao Yunlan has never seen him use his powers for such a mundane task. It has to be a display for the other two men, some sort of political power play, a reminder, and it makes Zhao Yunlan shiver just a little.

The next moment Shen Wei flicks his wrist again, and suddenly Zhao Yunlan finds himself on his knees next to the chair Shen Wei is now sitting in. Zhao Yunlan barely manages to stifle a grunt, glaring up at the Envoy, although he probably should have expected this the moment he noticed that there were only two chairs. At least Shen Wei had materialised a pillow when he forced Zhao Yunlan to kneel, so there is little physical discomfort, only a vague sense of humiliation.

He manages to hold his tongue, though, mindful of his promise, but he almost breaks his silence when Shen Wei suddenly rests a hand on his head. It seems casual, but when Zhao Yunlan glances at the masked face, he takes note of a tightness around the eyes, tension in his jawline. He nods minutely in reassurance, scooting a little closer so he can push his shoulder into Shen Wei’s knee, trying to convey that they’re okay.

The tension in Shen Wei’s body lessens only marginally, however, his fingers digging into Zhao Yunlan’s scalp when the Justiciar calls the meeting to order. Zhao Yunlan doesn’t like the sly amusement in his voice and the malice in his beady eyes as he insinuates, “Let the record show that the Lord Envoy has brought along the Lord Guardian of Haixing. They have agreed to assume the customary positions.”

Zhao Yunlan can feel Shen Wei gearing up to protest, and he quickly forestalls him by pressing his shoulder more firmly into the black-clad thigh. Shen Wei deflates, but there’s a darkness in his eyes, telling Zhao Yunlan that the time to back out of this was over, whatever this might turn out to be.

He tries to ready himself, but nothing could have prepared him for Shen Wei folding his cloak aside and quickly unbuttoning his black trousers. Cold realisation hitting him like a blow, Zhao Yunlan feels frozen in place, even before Shen Wei scoots his chair back slightly, his knees falling open. Then a tendril of dark energy pulls at him, making his pillow slide over the flagstone floor, and him with it.

He ends up between Shen Wei’s legs, his face flaming, a part of his brain refusing to process what is about to occur. He’d be lying if he said that he hasn’t thought of this before, of getting under that black cloak, of ruffling the Professor’s composure. However, not in his wildest dreams did he expect his first glimpse of Shen Wei’s cock to happen in front of the rulers of Dixing, with him on his knees.

Flushing hotly, Zhao Yunlan redirects his gaze onto Shen Wei’s knees, away from the long fingers that are currently freeing flesh that’s still soft. Despite himself, Zhao Yunlan licks his lips nervously and flicks his eyes up to Shen Wei’s, unsurprised to find them fixed on him, troubled behind the Envoy’s mask.

The need to reassure him immediately outweighs Zhao Yunlan’s misgivings, and he squares his shoulders and gives a small nod before leaning forward. Next to them, the Justiciar chuckles nastily, but Zhao Yunlan determinedly closes his ears. Instead he focuses on the weight of Shen Wei’s hand coming to rest on his head, the clean, sharp scent of him hitting his nose as Zhao Yunlan rests his cheek against the black-clad thigh.

Then, with one last steadying breath, he leans in and opens his mouth.

Shen Wei’s dick is heavy on his tongue, the skin like velvet, warm and soft, and Zhao Yunlan swallows involuntarily. Above him, Shen Wei inhales sharply, while the flesh in Zhao Yunlan’s mouth thickens. It’s reflex, not something Shen Wei chose, Zhao Yunlan knows, yet there’s a part of him that’s pleased, as he always is when he manages to coax a reaction from someone who prides himself on his control.

He’s dimly aware of the Justiciar starting the meeting, and in his capacity as Lord Guardian he should probably listen, since that’s what he came here for in the first place. However, it’s difficult to pay attention to anything that isn’t Shen Wei – not just the cock in his mouth, but also the fingers in his hair, the legs bracketing him, the small hitches in breathing at the smallest movements on Zhao Yunlan’s part.

He does try to remain still, yet it proves difficult. The cushion under his knees is soft, but he can’t help but shift his weight ever so slightly from time to time. Even more so when he notices with mortification that his own dick is also hardening, urged on by the way Shen Wei’s erection is rather rapidly growing, stretching his lips and forcing him to relax his throat in order not to choke.

Zhao Yunlan felt his cheeks burning, afraid that everyone can tell of his humiliation. Except it’s not really humiliating, at least not where his unruly body is concerned - especially not when cool fingers come to rest against his cheek, pressing slightly against the bulge there. He can’t help himself then; he looks up and finds Shen Wei staring down at him, something like amazement making his eyes shine behind his mask, lips slightly parted.

It’s a breathtaking sight, and it takes every ounce of Zhao Yunlan’s willpower not to surge up and claim those lips. He can’t stop himself from moving his hands from his own thighs to Shen Wei’s, squeezing them lightly. They quiver under his touch, and Zhao Yunlan can taste the first bitter drops of Shen Wei’s seed on his tongue.

“Shall we take a recess so the Lord Envoy can take proper advantage of his Haixing pet?” the Justiciar asks scathingly, and Zhao Yunlan badly wants Shen Wei to agree.

Instead, he somehow manages to gather his dignity around him and reply tersely, “No, we will proceed. And the Lord Guardian will remain still.”

The last is said with a sharp pull on Zhao Yunlan’s hair, and he has to swallow a laugh, because the warning has the unintended effect of making his cock twitch in his jeans. Or at least he thinks it’s unintended, because Shen Wei’s eyes are black, and Zhao Yunlan can’t help but feel as if this is a dare.

Well, he’s never been one to back down from a challenge, which the situation he’s in right now amply proves, so he simply stares back, making sure not to move another muscle. After a long moment, Shen Wei’s grip on his hair eases and the three rulers of Dixing resume their discussion. All the while, the weight of Shen Wei’s hand remains on his head, and it’s almost comforting, anchoring.

Relaxing into the touch, Zhao Yunlan closes his eyes and lets the voices wash over him. Shen Wei is still hard, and so is he, but there’s no urgency to it, and Zhao Yunlan finds himself sinking into a strange mood that’s somewhere between arousal and lazy contentment. Shen Wei will just have to fill him in later.

He’s not quite sure how much time passes until Shen Wei shifts, long fingers squeezing his shoulder gently. Zhao Yunlan blinks sleepily, feeling as if he’s rising from the depth of an ocean, not quite awake. Shen Wei’s voice, carrying every ounce of the Envoy’s authority, reaches him through a fog, but it’s not directed at him anyway, so he doesn’t care much.

“I will not forget this, Justiciar. The Lord Guardian has amply proven that he respects Dixing customs, so when Chief Zhao next decides to take an interest in our affairs, there will be no repeat performance and you will treat him with the respect he deserves. Do I make myself clear?”

Shen Wei sounds seriously displeased, and Zhao Yunlan dimly thinks that he’d be scared if he were the Justiciar. Zhao Yunlan, however, feels the edge of danger like a dark caress against his skin and can’t quite suppress a groan. This obviously translates to Shen Wei, whose grip on Zhao Yunlan’s shoulder suddenly tightens, which is the only only warning he gets.

Then black energy crackles, and a vortex engulfs them and hurtles them through space. The Black-Cloaked Envoy has apparently decided to take his leave rather abruptly and taken a startled Zhao Yunlan with him. A moment later they’re deposited in the familiar surroundings of Shen Wei’s living room.

Zhao Yunlan gasps, but before he can gather his wits enough to form words, Shen Wei bows his head deeply and removes his mask, troubled eyes avoiding Zhao Yunlan’s no matter how hard he tries to catch his gaze. “I can’t apologize enough, Chief Zhao. Both for the Justiciar’s impudence and for my own shameful behaviour.”

“Shameful behavior?” Zhao Yunlan responds dumbly, feeling strangely bereft now that his mouth is empty again. His mind is only moving slowly, yet alarm bells start going off at the tension radiating from Shen Wei. He’s about to withdraw back behind all the walls Zhao Yunlan has spent so much time carefully dismantling, this Zhao Yunlan knows with utmost certainty.

He also knows that he can’t let that happen, so he shakes his head with as much conviction as he can muster. “Xiao Wei, the only thing that’d be shameful is if you didn’t let me suck you off properly, now that we’re rid of the audience.”

Eyes widening, Shen Wei’s posture stiffens, and Zhao Yunlan is gripped with sudden and uncharacteristic uncertainty. Moving quickly, he covers Shen Wei’s hands with his own and tries not to sound too desperate: “Unless you don’t want me, of course.”

Shen Wei’s lips part slightly, and Zhao Yunlan is gripped with the desire to press his mouth to them, but before he can decide whether that would be a great or disastrous course of action, Shen Wei’s on his knees and they’re eye-to eye. His eyes are black, and Zhao Yunlan shivers under the intensity of their regard.

“I always want you, Ah Lan.” The air around them seems to crackle, Shen Wei’s voice curling around Zhao Yunlan, sending goosebumps racing down his back, making his dick fill. They’re close enough that he can see the pulse beating rapidly under the porcelain skin of Shen Wei’s neck, and this time he doesn’t hesitate.

At first Shen Wei’s lips are cool, but they quickly warm up when Zhao Yunlan covers them with his mouth, slides his tongue over them, between them. Shen Wei’s reaction is gratifyingly quick, only a second’s pause during which he draws a shuddering breath that’s almost a sigh; then he’s kissing back like he’s suffocating and Zhao Yunlan is oxygen.

Zhao Yunlan might have started the kiss, but Shen Wei takes control quickly, and Zhao Yunlan’s brain threatens to short-circuit under the onslaught - especially when Shen Wei’s fingers thread through his hair, holding him in place so Shen Wei can plunder his mouth thoroughly. Not to be outdone, Zhao Yunlan gives as good as he gets, and they taste each other greedily, satisfying weeks of hunger, stoked by flirtatious grins, fleeting touches and quickly-averted eyes.

It makes Zhao Yunlan almost forget about his original goal, except at some point they’ve shuffled so close together he can feel Shen Wei’s cock pressing hard against his inner thigh. Sliding his hands from where they’d clung to Shen Wei’s back, he wrests his mouth away and pants, “Want to suck you, let me, please...”

Strong hands tighten in his hair, sending zings of pain-pleasure through him, and something that sounds suspiciously close to a fucking growl escapes Shen Wei at that. There’s little left of either the mild-mannered Professor or the stern Black-Cloaked Envoy, and Zhao Yunlan knows he’s seeing Shen Wei without any of his masks. No wonder he’s usually so tightly controlled; there’s power roiling off him in waves, like he’s about to pounce and devour Zhao Yunlan whole.

Maybe he should be scared, but instead it’s the hottest damn thing Zhao Yunlan has ever seen, and he licks his lips hungrily, grinding his own erection shamelessly against Shen Wei’s. The next moment he whines in protest as Shen Wei pushes him roughly backwards and gets to his feet in one smooth motion, flinging his coat open. He’s still all in black and reminds Zhao Yunlan of nothing so much as a black panther, dangerous and elegant at once.

Awe and disbelief that this gorgeous creature wants him tinge the desire burning in Zhao Yunlan’s veins, and he catches Shen Wei’s eyes, breathless at the naked longing he sees in them. Lowering his gaze, he notices that the long fingers tremble slightly as they try to unfasten the Envoy’s trousers, and his heart squeezes so tightly it hurts.

Covering, he bats Shen Wei’s hands away and opens them himself, smirking up through his lashes when his fingers find their objective and wrap firmly around hot, silky flesh. There’s a drop pearling at the tip of Shen Wei’s cock, and he leans in, licks it off.

Shen Wei shivers and grabs his head again, but Zhao Yunlan teases him a moment longer, kitten licks along the underside of the hard length, tongue swirling around the head like it’s a lollipop. A quick glance upwards shows him that Shen Wei is biting his lip and breathing hard, holding himself in check. Grinning, Zhao Yunlan relaxes his throat and dives in, swallows as much as he can in one go.

He’s rewarded with a muffled groan and decides to stop playing around. He’s wanted this for hours, after all, his mouth on Shen Wei with no one around to see or interrupt, and now he’s got it. He reaches down and cups himself through his jeans, quickly freeing his erection so he can touch himself in the same rhythm he’s using on Shen Wei.

With his other hand he struggles to push down Shen Wei’s trousers, wanting better access, and after a moment he catches on. A flick of his wrist and the offending piece of clothing is gone, although he’s still wearing the Envoy’s cloak, albeit with the hood down.

“You‘ve got quite the flair for the dramatic, anyone ever tell you that?“ Smirking shamelessly, Zhao Yunlan lets go of his own cock so he can slide both hands around Shen Wei’s backside, allows himself the luxury of caressing those firm cheeks. They tighten under his touch, and when Zhao Yunlan slips in between to circle a dry fingertip around the pucker he’s rewarded with a sharp hiss.

Zhao Yunlan files this away and begins to lean back in to resume his task of sucking Shen Wei‘s brain out by way of his cock. However, before he can do anything more, his head is pulled back rather harshly, sending exquisite sparks through him.

“Zhao Yunlan, please, I...“ Shen Wei‘s eyes are all pupil, and his body is taut under Zhao Yunlan‘s grip, almost vibrating with tension, as if he‘s holding himself back.

This isn‘t what Zhao Yunlan wants at all, so he lets himself go slack, allowing Shen Wei to see every bit of the desire he‘s been holding onto ever since they first met, his voice hoarse in his own ears: “Anything. Shen Wei, whatever you want, my answer will always be yes.“

He meant it to be reassuring, encouraging. He certainly didn‘t expect Shen Wei to look utterly stunned, eyes like bruises in his pale face, his throat working as he tries to form words. Something twists deep inside Zhao Yunlan‘s chest, ripping him open, and he‘s on his feet before he can think. He cups Shen Wei‘s face in both hands, thumbs tracing the delicate cheek bones. He‘s the most beautiful thing Zhao Yunlan‘s ever seen, and after years of not understanding when people talked about love, he suddenly and almost painfully gets it.

“Hey, no, Xiao Wei,“ he says, as if he‘s calming a spooked animal. Shen Wei‘s hands come up to grip his forearms tightly, betraying the strength hidden by the delicate facade, but Zhao Yunlan doesn‘t mind that it‘s entirely likely that he‘ll leave bruises. On the contrary. A soft laugh escapes him, and he teases gently, “Please tell me I didn‘t break you already. I‘ve only just got you!“

The corners of Shen Wei‘s twitch, and some of the tension bleeds away. He visibly gathers himself, and when he speaks it‘s with a semblance of firmness: “You‘ve always had me, Ah Lan.“

Oh yes, Zhao Yunlan very much likes it when Shen Wei calls him that. He leans in and brushes his mouth over Shen Wei‘s, trying to convey some of what he‘s feeling, but pulls away before the kiss can deepen. Shaking his head, he forestalls any protest by quickly shrugging out of his jacket and shirt.

“In that case, have me now?“ He unlaces his boots, cursing when his fingers fumble, but quickly continues on to socks and jeans. The hungry look is back in Shen Wei‘s eyes, tongue darting out to lick his lips, and Zhao Yunlan‘s not going to lie, he loves being able to affect him so much. His cock is hard and hot against his belly, and he wants very much to touch himself. Instead he holds out a hand to Shen Wei and doubles down, “I want you to fuck me, Shen Wei. You can even wear those ridiculous robes, if you like.“

Truth be told he likes the thought of being naked while Shen Wei‘s still wearing some of the trappings of the Black-Cloaked Envoy, and from the amusement dancing in Shen Wei‘s eyes he knows he‘s fooling no one. He doesn‘t care much, not when Shen Wei is taking his hand and letting himself be led to the bedroom.

Zhao Yunlan‘s never actually been in here, and at a later date he will take in the strange juxtaposition of the immaculate order of the bed, which he expected, and the random clutter in the shelves, which he didn‘t, as if someone had been trying very hard to seem like a regular human being and almost, but not quite, succeeding. Right now, though, his entire focus is on Shen Wei and the pressure of his palm against his sternum, which he uses to push Zhao Yunlan back onto the bed.

He goes more than willingly, and the sheets are cool against his heated skin. Then Shen Wei flicks his coat back, and all Zhao Yunlan sees are creamy skin, muscular thighs, and the column of Shen Wei‘s erection jutting out between them. He can feel himself starting to salivate at the sight, and his own cock gives a little appreciative twitch.

With a flick of his hand and a crackle of dark energy, Shen Wei summons a small bottle, and Zhao Yunlan has to hold back a moan, because he can‘t help but imagine what those long fingers will soon be doing to him with the contents of that bottle. He doesn‘t have to wait long, luckily, because he‘s beginning to feel as if he‘s been on the edge forever, his entire body thrumming with arousal.

At some point between the living room and the bed the balance between them has shifted again, and Zhao Yunlan shivers in anticipation when the mattress dips under Shen Wei‘s weight. For a long moment Shen Wei just kind of hovers above him, looking as if he‘s drinking in the sight of Zhao Yunlan spread out naked, at his disposal.

Warmth is spreading through Zhao Yunlan‘s body, pooling in his stomach, making his limbs feel heavy. It‘s a sensation that intensifies when Shen Wei finally, finally touches him again. At first he just skims over naked skin, leaving tingles in his wake, but there‘s intent behind it, in the way he lingers on some parts of Zhao Yunlan‘s body while avoiding others, the ones Zhao Yunlan would most like him to touch. It‘s maddening and wonderful, and Zhao Yunlan wants to lie there forever.

He also very much wants Shen Wei to get a fucking move on, so he very pointedly spreads his legs, stopping short from grabbing Shen Wei‘s hand and putting it where he wants it. “I thought we said something about you fucking me?“

You said something about me fucking you.“ To his credit, only Shen Wei‘s ears turn red and his hands keep on teasing, tracing over pebbled nipples, down Zhao Yunlan‘s flanks. “But I‘m amenable.“

Gods help him, Shen Wei is a tease. Zhao Yunlan shakes with helpless laughter that ends on a strangled note when Shen Wei bypasses his weeping cock, sliding over his perineum and further back. Zhao Yunlan hadn‘t noticed him opening the bottle, but his fingers are slick and cool, breaching him. He shamelessly props up his legs and cants his hips, giving Shen Wei better access, proud that his voice only shakes a little: “Good. Then, please, oh, please, do it!“

“It will be my pleasure.“ Shen Wei inserts a third finger, stretching Zhao Yunlan in the most delicious way. He‘s completely focused on his task, leaning forward slightly, and the necklace Zhao Yunlan had noticed before slides out of his collar. Maybe now that they‘re… whatever they are, Zhao Yunlan will manage to ask him about it. Maybe Shen Wei will even answer.

But the thoughts scatter under the pressure against his prostate, zinging through him. When his hip buck upwards involuntarily, Shen Wei holds him down with his free hand with an ease that Zhao Yunlan finds entirely too attractive. Breath hitching, he lifts his right leg and rests it on Shen Wei‘s black-clad shoulder in clear invitation. “Now, gege.“

Shen Wei licks his lips, adam‘s apple bobbing before he leans down to capture Zhao Yunlan in a deep, all-encompassing kiss. Zhao Yunlan responds by clinging to him, pulling at his shoulders to urge him on top of himself, not caring one bit that he might seem needy. He needs Shen Wei inside him sooner rather than later, has needed him for months, a fact Da Qing never got tired of teasing him about.

Shen Wei fits perfectly into the cradle of his hips, and they both hiss when their cocks slide together. They continue like this for a while, kissing messily while rocking against each other, Shen Wei‘s cloak billowing over them. Then, finally, Shen Wei lifts Zhao Yunlan‘s left leg over his other shoulder, biting his lower lip as he lines himself up with his slick opening.

A very becoming flush is working its way from his cheeks down his neck, disappearing into the Black-Cloaked Envoy‘s robes, and the tiny part of Zhao Yunlan not currently occupied with the sensation of Shen Wei‘s cock breaching him ever so carefully very much wants to know how far down that blush goes. However, that‘s a question for another time, because just then Shen Wei bottoms out, and the only thing Zhao Yunlan can feel is the way he‘s stretched and filled.

“Are you ready for me?“ Shen Wei asks, and his voice has dropped to something dark and dangerous, curling around Zhao Yunlan like a caress. All he can do is nod in response, but it‘s everything Shen Wei needs. Not once looking away from Zhao Yunlan‘s face he begins to fuck him – slow at first, every drag of his cock against his prostate delicious torture, making him writhe and gasp.

After a small eternity of this, Shen Wei speeds up, his iron self-control fraying at the edges, and Zhao Yunlan can hear himself babbling, a litany of, “yes, please, Shen Wei, wanted you forever,“ that he has no control over. At any other time he‘d be embarrassed, but he can see how his words affect Shen Wei, his breath coming in increasingly harsh gasps, his hands finding Zhao Yunlan‘s and keeping them trapped above his head, eyes fixed on Zhao Yunlan with an intensity that makes him feel flayed open.

Zhao Yunlan is completely at Shen Wei‘s mercy, reduced to a mess of sensation and feelings that roll over him in wave after wave. When Shen Wei switches his grip, clasping both of Zhao Yunlan‘s wrists in one hand as if it‘s nothing, and reaches between their rocking bodies to wrap his free hand around Zhao Yunlan‘s erection, it‘s the last straw. Zhao Yunlan can feel his balls tighten, and he only just manages to gasp out a warning.

In response Shen Wei tightens his hold around the base of Zhao Yunlan‘s cock, leaves him moaning in wordless protest as his impending orgasm is brought to an abrupt halt. Leaning down, Shen Wei kisses him gently but doesn‘t stop fucking him, the contrast almost more than Zhao Yunlan can bear. As if he can read his mind, Shen Wei stops moving long enough to shush him, “Shhh, just a little longer, Ah Lan. Can you be good for me and hold on?“

Zhao Yunlan isn‘t sure he could form words of any coherency, so he settles for nodding emphatically. He‘s willing to do anything Shen Wei asks of him if it makes Shen Wei look at him with this mix of pride and awe.

When Shen Wei resumes his movements, he doesn’t let go of Zhao Yunlan’s cock, and with every rocking of his hips Zhao Yunlan can feel warmth building in his belly, spreading through all his limbs, from his legs, still propped up on black-clad shoulders, throughout his body all the way to his hands, still held securely in Shen Wei’s firm grip. He lets himself go slack, unresisting, lets the current drag him under, until all he can feel is Shen Wei.

Despite his earlier urgency, he’s pretty sure he could do this forever, just lay there, being filled and surrounded. So when Shen Wei lets go of his erection and orders him quietly, “Now. Come for me!”, the force with which his climax crashes over him takes him by complete surprise.

He can feel it rushing through him, one wave after the other, making his body shake and tremble, stickiness coating both his stomach and Shen Wei’s hand, staining his robe, while Zhao Yunlan drowns in pleasure that seems unending. At some point he dimly notices Shen Wei giving a low, guttural cry, hips stuttering as he follows Zhao Yunlan over the edge.

When the pleasure finally ebbs away, Zhao Yunlan feels utterly drained, boneless and heavy, but he can’t help but whine at the loss when he feels Shen Wei pull out of his body, even if it means he can put his legs down. Wincing, he stretches, becoming aware of the myriad of little aches and pains caused by being locked in a rather uncomfortable position for too long.

Shen Wei of course notices immediately, and before Zhao Yunlan can protest that he quite likes the reminders of what they’ve been doing, dark energy washes over him, leaving tingles and no pain in its wake. Then Shen Wei waves his hand once again, making his soiled clothes disappear, no doubt reappearing somewhere immaculately folded, and Zhao Yunlan is distracted by the sight of all that bare skin.

As he’d thought from the peeks he’d stolen when Lin Jing had scanned Shen Wei’s brain, Shen Wei’s body is all lean muscle and porcelain skin, not a blemish in sight. He’s breathtakingly beautiful, especially with his hair still in disarray and his cheeks flushed. Zhao Yunlan can’t help himself, he plasters himself against a body he can’t wait to explore properly, smiling in satisfaction when Shen Wei immediately gathers him close and holds him like he never wants to let go - which is completely fine with Zhao Yunlan.

He slides his hands around Shen Wei’s shoulders, tangles his fingers in silky black hair and kisses Shen Wei with all the thoroughness he wasn’t able to muster earlier. Shen Wei responds in kind, explores his mouth with his tongue, teeth nipping at Zhao Yunlan’s lower lip in a way that sends tingles down his spine.

After a long while, Zhao Yunlan registers something he should have noticed immediately, but he decides to give himself a pass on this occasion and just smirks at Shen Wei: “Wow, Hei Pao-ge, instant clean-up! You’re very handy to have around.”

He follows this up by yawning widely, mouth open shamelessly, Shen Wei watching him with fond amusement. Too fucked out and tired to be self-conscious, Zhao Yunlan tucks himself into the crook of Shen Wei‘s neck, dimly registering the coolness of his skin. Shen Wei wraps his arms around him, and Zhao Yunlan has never felt more safe and cherished.

“Not to be nosy, but where did you learn to fuck like this?“ he mumbles, already half-asleep.

“When have you ever not been nosy? It’s one of your most endearing traits.” Shen Wei‘s chuckle vibrates through them both, before he adds seriously, “You will know everything soon, my Yunlan.“

It was the kind of vague answer that usually frustrated Zhao Yunlan, but he‘s too comfortable for curiosity. Instead his mind catches on something else: “My Yunlan. I like it. I like being yours. And what about you? Are you mine?“

“Oh, Ah Lan, I‘ve always been yours.“ Shen Wei sounds melancholy, far away, and Zhao Yunlan manages to shake off his exhaustion for long enough to lift his head to kiss him, slow and sweet, until Shen Wei‘s back with him.

“Good,“ Zhao Yunlan says firmly when they separate. “So that‘s settled, then.“

Shen Wei hums in agreement, the sound warm and comforting, and presses his cheek against Zhao Yunlan’s head. After one last kiss to Shen Wei‘s chest, where he can feel his heart beating, strong and sure, Zhao Yunlan lets himself fall asleep.

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