Author's Note: This Taiwanese BL mini-series is so adorable, and while I love the main couple, I wish we'd gotten little bit more about the step-brothers.

Logically, Wang Zhen Wen knew that Wang Zhen Wu had said he needed time. Yet somehow, with that hug on the rooftop, his face buried against Zhen Wu's shoulder, all of Zhen Wen's previous insecurities and fears melted away.

He was once again the boy who'd just survived a kidnapping and found his step-brother's arms the one place in the world where he was safe. And just as he had back then, Zhen Wu seemed content to embrace him for however long he wanted him to.

Zhen Wen couldn't see his face, but he could feel the curve of his smile against his neck. It was this more than the fact that they were standing pressed together that made Zhen Wen's body react rather predictably. However, where before he would have jumped away in a panic, he now simply hid his hot face in Zhen Wu's shirt. "Sorry."

"It's fine," Zhen Wu answered fondly. If anything, his embrace got even tighter, and Zhen Wen's embarrassment lessened considerably when he felt something harden against his thigh. To his disappointment, Zhen Wu turned his hip away. "But maybe now's not the time."

He was probably right, and Zhen Wen tried his best not to frown when Zhen Wu stepped back. The warmth in his step-brother's face went a long way to make up for the separation, however, and without thinking Zhen Wen raised himself to his toes and pressed a kiss to Zhen Wu's lips. They parted in surprise, yet before Zhen Wen had the chance to regret his impulsiveness, Zhen Wu kissed him back.

When they finally left the roof, fingers tangled until they reached the bottom of the stairs, they hadn't talked more about their situation - but needless to say, Zhen Wen was feeling pretty confident about the eventual outcome.

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