MMAS: 4 drabbles

Note: What can I say? There's a Fic Fest going on on , and the first day has been a drabble tree. To this I contributed four drabbles of exactly 100 words.

Ben, Ronnie/Perry
Ben only went back from the car to the now-empty dressing room of the studio because he realized he'd left his gloves behind. He told the others that he'd catch a ride with Ronnie and Perry who were still changing. Or so he'd thought, until he opened the door and saw... Smooth skin. Hard muscles. Strong hands. Lips locked in a fierce kiss that looked more like a struggle as Ronnie pushed Perry against one of the full-length mirrors.

When Ronnie's eyes met Ben's reflection, dark with lust, Ben fled. But not before committing every detail to memory.


Perry, Casey/Frankie
Perry was not used to being on the outside. Most of his life, he'd been the center of attention wherever he went, and he enjoyed every minute of it. Even now, in this house with all these stunning people he managed to stand out. As he should.

Therefore, when he heard Frankie laugh behind the closed door of their room and opened it to see Frankie stretched out on the bed, Casey trailing kisses down his bare chest, Perry had problems placing the gnawing, empty feeling in his stomach. They were not supposed to fit like this. Not without him.


Ronnie had been furious with Ben. Mostly because Ben's hurtful words had seemed to come out of nowhere. It made Ronnie doubt everything he'd thought he knew about Ben, about their friendship. How could he not have noticed that Ben could be this callous, this stupid? And how could he be sure that Ben's apology was sincere?

That night, Ronnie went to bed tense, his back turned on Ben.

When he woke, hours later, it was from hesitant touches, soft kisses and whispers of "Sorry, I'm so sorry, Ronnie!"

With a shuddering breath, Ronnie turned in Ben's arms and relaxed.


Holly, Shannon, Ronnie/Ben/Perry/Casey/Frankie
"There's something in the water!"

Holly looked at Shannon quizzically as the other girl came in. At that moment Frankie's signature cackle could be heard from one of the other rooms, followed by the sound of other male voices. Intimate, impossible to tell apart. Instead of an explanation, Shannon just rolled her eyes in direction of the sound.

"Who is it this time?" Holly asked, understanding.

Shannon let her head fall against the wall with a dull thud. "It's fucking all of them. Seriously."

Holly found she was far less surprised than she should have been. Yep. Definitely the water.


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